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Services and Pricing

Pricing begins at base price and may go up depending on time and product usage. 

Final price will be discussed after the consultation, before the service begins.

Invest in your hair, its the crown you never take off.

Specialty Blonding

Transformation $400
Intense Transformation $500

Cut  • Style

Cut & Style $90


Stand Alone Toning Gloss $110
Base Color $100
All Over Color $200
Mini Highlite $155
Maximum Highlite $300


What's difference between a Mini, Maximum,Transformation and Intense Transformation?
These are terms referring to the amount of product used during your color service. A mini highlight for example, is allotting for 1oz of color. An intense transformation is allotting for 10oz of color. During your consultation we will discuss how much product you will need and what price point you'd be at to achieve you desired look.

What is Balayage?
Balayage is a technique used to add highlights to the hair. This technique involves hand painting lightener on to the sections where lighter pops of color are desired. Balayage is best suited for: someone that wants subtle results, someone that wants their highlights to mimic the look of sun bleached hair, or someone that wants to lighten their hair in sessions. Balayage is the most gentle way to lighten the hair.

What is Foilayage?
Foilayage is the sister of Balayage, it is also a technique used to add highlights to the hair. Balayage provides minimal results, therefore Foilayage was created. Foilayage mimics the appearance of Balayage but can provide more dramatic results in one session. Foilayage is more powerful than balayage because the use of foil helps the hair to lift brighter due to incubation. Foilayage is best suited for someone that wants to have significantly lighter hair, a blended root, and dimension- all in one session.

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